Member’s Leagues

Wednesday Night Member's 9 Hole League

The Wednesday Night Member League has a long history at Metcalfe. We are a social league (not competitive) that gives you opportunity to meet, play and form friendships with other members that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. Each week we have different games that we play as a team, in pairs or solo. We have prizes (small monetary) and a draw for either a jug of beer or half liter of wine  if you land on the green on hole #6 each week. The cost to play is $4.00 which subsidizes the prizes and monthly special events.

After the round groups typically head to Hickories for food & Drink. Prizes winnings will be credited to accounts by the golf shop staff and an email will be sent out to those who participated with a listing of the winners. Certifcates for the jug of beer or half liter of wine will be left for pick up at check in.

Our Loyalty program will resume this year which acknowledges those members who participate in at least 10 nights through each season with a gift at 5, 10 and 15 years of participation.

To join this league or for more information, please contact Pam Brown -

Retired Ladies’ 18 Hole League – Club Member’s Only

• Play begins first Tuesday in May and ends first Tuesday in October
• Entry deadline: Any time during the season
• Contact: Cathy Raycroft (
• Cost: $20 plus Metcalfe Club membership

* Draws: Tuesday/Thursday – Gisele West/Joanne Corbett    


  • To mix and meet with other members
  • A non-competitive league however members are responsible for entering scores with Golf Canada for their personal handicap calculation and participating in club tournaments. 
  • Golf is held on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. 
  • Foursomes are established by the organizing committee based on weekly online registration. 
  • Golf games currently vary between traditional stroke play, stableford and match play. Other variations can be added during the season. 
  • The league also tracks birdies, jolly rogers (a chip in from the second cut, rough or higher grass that borders the first cut ) and a ringer board (your personal best score of each hole throughout the season). All results are announced at the end of season lunch.
  • Ready golf throughout the game, as long as players agree and in so doing doesn’t hinder another player’s path 

Booking tee-times:

  • You can book on-line one week ahead until two days before play by going to: METCALFEGOLF.COM
  • Click on Book a Tee Time and select League Players Enter Here
  • You will need  your user name and password (contact pro shop).
  • Pick any tee-time to reserve your name and book a spot for the draw.
  • If you don’t receive a confirmation by email, you are not booked. 
  • The time slot in which you book is not your tee time but a reservation.
  • Draws are done the day before and e-mails are sent out to members confirming foursomes and tee times
  • Players must be at the first tee and ready to play 10 minutes before their tee time


  • It is important that you set your preferences so that your name appears on the booking application. 

  • Go to Menu, My Account, Preferences,

  • At bottom of the page, check mark the boxes:

  • I want my name visible to other members 

  • Show name in leagues

  • I want to receive booking confirmation

Men's Senior 18 Hole League - Registration Info

Start Date:  Tuesday May 3rd (all returning members are aware of this date) Email will be sent to new members.

End Date: first week of October.

Dues:  as per 2022 - $40 will be charged to each Senior Men’s League player by Metcalfe. This will cover the $2 per game price. 

League Contact/Organizer:  or Text at 613-513-6887
League Statistician: Gary Edwards ( or 613 501-1951.

Golf Games: Stableford played for the first 7 games. This will allow a Handicap to be set for new players. The Handicap system will be applied to all games. New games maybe added later during the season.