Senior Members 18 Hole League

Ladies’ League – Club Member’s Only

• Play begins first Tuesday in May and ends first Tuesday in October
• Entry deadline: Any time during the season
• Contact: Suzanne Watters (
• Cost: $20 plus Metcalfe Club membership

* Committee Members
President - Suzanne Watters    
Treasurer - Suzanne Riberdy    
Secretary/Social Convener – Louise Joanisse
Statistician - Lorraine Dionne
Stableford & other Games - Arlene Fitzgerald
OVGA Rep - Sandra Alexander
    Tuesday/Thursday - Doris Morrow/Joanne Corbett
    Match Play - Carol Vost

• Objective:  
o To mix and meet with other members
o A non-competitive league however members are responsible for entering scores with Golf Canada for their personal handicap calculation and participating in club tournaments. 
o Golf is held on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. 
o Foursomes are established by the organizing committee based on the weekly online registration. 
o There is a season opening 9 and dine lunch and an end of season 9 and dine lunch which includes distribution of prizes. Both of these are at an additional cost which covers the lunch. 
o Golf games currently vary between traditional stroke play, stableford and match play. Other variations could be added during the season. 
o The league also tracks birdies, jolly rogers (a chip in from the second cut, rough or higher grass that borders the first cut ) and a ringer board (your personal best score of each hole throughout the season). All results are announced at the end of season lunch
o Ready golf throughout the game, as long as players agree and in so doing doesn’t hinder another player’s path 

• Booking tee-times:  

o You can book on-line one week ahead until noon the day before play by going to: METCALFEGOLF.COM
o Click on Book a Tee Time and select League Players Enter Here
o You will need a user name and password (contact pro shop). 
o Pick any tee-time to reserve your name and book a spot for the draw.
o If you don’t receive a confirmation by email, you are not booked. 
o The time slot in which you book is not your tee time but a reservation.
o Draws are done the day before and e-mails are sent out to members confirming foursomes and tee times
o Players must be at the first tee and ready to play 30 minutes before their tee time


o It is important that you set your preferences so that your name appears on the booking application. 
o Go to Menu, My Account, Preferences,
o At bottom of the page, check mark the boxes:
 ?   I want my name visible to other members 
 ?   Show name in leagues
 ?   I want to receive booking confirmation

Men's Senior League - Registration Info

Registration is by signing the sign-up sheets posted in the Men's locker room. Sheets for the next three games will be posted on an ongoing basis.
The draw coordinator or designate will remove the Thursday sign-up sheet following the preceding Tuesday game.  

The Pro-Shop staff will remove the Thursday sign-up sheet the preceding Sunday, and scan and email the sign- up sheet to the draw coordinator (
The draw coordinator will randomize the list of names, make any required adjustments for special accommodations, and enter the names into the league section of the booking system by noon the day before the game.
Senior League members will receive an automated email from the booking system giving them their actual tee times.  

Senior League members are expected to check in at least 30 minutes prior to their tee time with the registrar in the Men's locker room in order to pay their fee / collect their winnings, and be advised of any tee time adjustments.
Names of players on the sign-up sheet are frozen on noon two days prior to game day until noon the day before game day.  

If you forgot to sign up, or want to play at the last minute, contact the Pro Shop after noon the day before game day and you will be added on a first come first served basis if space is available.  
If no spaces are available, you may come out in case we have a cancellation in which case you will be added.
If a Senior League member requires an early or late tee-off time, or has a special request (ie: to play with a specific person as part of the match play competition, or to play with a guest, for example), they will need to email the draw coordinator at 2 days in advance of the game.
Once a Senior League member receives their tee time via email and needs to cancel their game, they must call the Pro-Shop.  Earlier than that, they must notify the draw coordinator at

Seniors Game Descriptions

Game 1: 2 Man Best Ball (80% Handicap)
- Each player on a team plays his own ball throughout the round, and on each hole the low “NET SCORE” of the team serves as the team score
- Hole 1: Don Net Score 4, Paul Net Score: 5 - Team Score: 4
- Each player will draw a number (Team 1: 1 & 2, Team 2: 3 & 4…)
- Last “Posted Handicap” will be use to determine the “Team Score”
- For a threesome the player with the lowest Handicap Index will be counted for both teams (Team 11: A & B, Team 12: A & C)
Game 2: Pinehurst (40% Total Handicap)
- 1st stroke: each player on the team tees off
- Select Best Ball - if player A ball is selected player B plays 2nd stroke, if player B ball is selected player A plays 2nd stroke 
- Play alternate stroke until ball is holed
- Each player will draw a number (Team 1: 1 & 2, Team 2: 3 & 4……)
- Last “Posted Handicap” will be used to determine team score
- If a group is a threesome: That group plays Game 5 - Strike 3
Game 3: 2 Man Scramble (40% Total Handicap)
- Each player on the team tees off
- Best shot is selected and both players hit from that position (within 6 inches)
- Repeat until ball is holed
- Each player will draw a number (Team 1: 1 & 2, Team 2: 3 & 4 ……)
- Last “Posted Handicap” will be used to determine team score
- If a group is a threesome: That group plays Game 5- Strike 3
Game 4: Match Play (80% Handicap)
- Player number 1 plays against player number 2 …
- Net score is used on each hole to determine winner for each hole
- Each player will draw a number 
- Last “Posted Handicap” will be used to determine score per hole
- Winner is the player who wins the most holes
- If a group is a threesome: That group plays Game 5- Strike 3
Game 5: Strike 3 (80% Handicap)
- Each player plays his own ball throughout the round
- Last “Posted Handicap” will be used to determine score.
- Each player’s score will be reduced by their three highest score holes
- Winner will be the player with the lowest score.
Game 7: Stableford
- Each player plays his own ball throughout the round
- On each hole “Stableford Points” are allocated as follows:

Bogey - 1 point
Par - 2 points
Birdie - 3 points
Eagle - 4 points
Double Eagle - 5 points
- Each player's “Point Average” per game is established using the last 5 games
- In order to qualify for a “Payout”, a player’s “Total Points” must exceed his “Point Average”

We can't wait to see you at our Ottawa golf course!