Rain Check Policy

Metcalfe Golf Club - Rain Check Guarantee

We all know the weatherman is wrong most of the time… So why do we listen to them?
Take a chance on the weather and Metcalfe Golf will make it worth your while with our rain check guarantee:
Here’s how it works:
If you get wet during your round of golf* and do not finish you will receive:
An 18 hole Rain Check if you paid for 18 and played less than 9 holes
A 9 hole Rain Check if you have less than 9 holes remaining
The Fine Print:

  • We consider "Get Wet" a consecutive 15 minute period of rain
  • We encourage golfers to come off the course at any sign of thunder or lightening – Rain Checks will be provided
  • At no time will Rain Checks be given to Executive Golf, or Metcalfe Member Rounds (unless a fee was paid i.e. Mini Members).
  • If you used a previous rain check, or complimentary pass and finished your round then no additional 9 hole rain check will be issued
  • You must present your original receipt to receive a rain check
  • Any customer who has been on the course for more than 2.5 hours will be deemed to have completed 9 holes