Member Events - OVGA

Members of Metcalfe are eligible to participate in OVGA tournaments. Members may keep up to date with all OVGA news by visiting our website at and signing up for our monthly newsletter.
Below is some information on OVGA Events.
You'll notice that the registration fee to play in OVGA tournaments is very reasonable. 
The year 2022 marks a big milestone for women's amateur golf in the region.  This year will be the 100th year that the Women's City & District has been played here, and will be held on July 25th, 26th and 27th. 
The OVGA has a little competition going for clubs whose members play in all four of our championships (City & District, Senior, Match Play and OVGA Cup).  We will compare the scores of your club members with the scores from other clubs to determine the Best Performing Club of the region for the year.
Speaking of the OVGA Cup, did you know that the OVGA has its very own season-long "Race to the Cup"?  We have five sanctioned tournaments where players can earn Order of Merit ranking points to be eligible to play in the OVGA Cup, to be held at Camelot Golf & Country Club on August 29th, 2022.  The sanctioned tournaments are:
  • May 30th - Field Day #1
  • June 14th - Field Day #2
  • July 19th/20th - Senior Championship
  • July 25th/26th/27th - City & District Championship
  • Aug 8th/9th - Match Play Championship
Please click here for one-pagers on each tournament for more details.