Men's League News


FRINGE PLAYERS win Week 4 honours as they make a move and slammed the pack last night.    
I wasn't around Thursday evening but did hear that pace of play was 'modestly better'?Hope this keeps up as the balls keep falling in the cups.


UNBELIEVABLE! Graeme Taylor, master tee time organizer, all round good guy who works hard on his game (actually I think the game works hard on him) has his best personal round EVER with 4 pars AND whacks in a Hole in One! Not many aces recorded over the years in Men's League play so it was nice to hear that Graeme using a 5 wood on the 132 yard par 3 6th slashed that Canada Cup ball in to the heart of the cup after many thousands of dollars spent in Hickories wondering when it would happen! BIG TIME CONGRATULATIONS GRAEME! Videos of the shot will be available for purchase in the Golf Shop shortly.

Still no real resolution to emails so will keep on using my regular email service AND will post the email online under 'Men's League News'. This brilliant idea, was not mine, it was a solid suggestion from Jake 'Best Dressed League Guy' Sanderson. Keep me posted on league activity that might be noteworthy to include. Gossip is always good.
Winner of the Closest to the Pin competition on Hole # 6 - UNDETERMINED as the card was not turned in. I think I do know but am running out of things to say and love suspense.
NEXT WEEK: A Hickories Special! Chef Brian will be offering a BBQ 8 ounce New York AAA Strip Loin steak with a baked potato and buttered corn for $19! Hard not to take advantage of that. 
Cheers and see you at the course.
May 31 - Front 9 of the 18 hole course
June 7 - 9 hole course


Below the TEAMS
The AbsenTEES Barking Squirrels Lahey's Losers
Harris, Darryl Wong, Ken Harris, Brady
Cochrane, Kevin  Mumby, Kirk Sinclair, Brandon
Potter, Joe Swan, Greg Branchaud, Marc
Millen, Jim Davidson, Derek Goatcher, Russ
Fermoyle, Devon McNamara, Doug Dow, Dave
Silvestre, Mario Stewart, Mel Lockhart, Rob
Cassidy, Dan Berkemeyer, Frank Lahey, Dave
Currie, David Bellefeuille, Michael Brown, Glen
Rowan, Brent Snider, David Plourde, Guy
Gerry Wilcott
Par TEE On Short Again! 2 Balls in the Bag
Hogan, Mike Cassidy, Tom Sinclair, Brian
Angus, James Lafave, Gary Correll, Dean
Choquette, Rick Hines, Jim Cartwright, Dave
Knight, Ron Hicks, Daryn Elliot, Tim
Steinberg, Lanny Lundy, Gord Lystiuk, Paul
Finlay, Barry McDonald, Hugh Jolicoeur, Pierre
Fiander, Matthew Crumpler, Gord Bourizk, Tony
Ferenz, Dave Pronovost, Peter McGrath, Peter
Fairbairn, Lyle Green, Gerry Roy, Alain
McGee, Sheldon McDonald, Russ Lemery, Marc
Designated Drivers Eddie's Winners The Provisionals
Robinson, Moe Smith, Jamie Morris, Jamie
Sanderson, Jake Dorner, Martin Crowther, Jim
Solomon, Kevin Bazinet, Chris Tomic, Voya
Szabo, Robert Hughes, Jason Watson, Quinn
Thomas, John Taylor, Graeme Pashkowski, Mike
Kennedy, Forrest Quaille, Ken Wong, Allan
Stewart, Kriss Baillie, Stewart Spencer, Bruce
Foulds, John Baker, Norm Jackson, David
Forbes, Doug O'Brien, Eddie Floyd, Bruce
Treacey, Mike    
  Fringe Players  
  Holleman, Ed  
  Nixon, Brad  
  Doucette, Gerry  
  Valentine, John  
  Bourque, Ron  
  Thompson, Todd  
  Malette, Vince  
  Holland, Dave  
  Beveridge, Sheldon  
  Jean Seguin