Directions & Address

Route #1

  1. Take 417 East to Anderson Rd. Exit.
  2. Turn right on Anderson
  3. Proceed to a 'T' intersection
  4. Turn left then quickly right (back on Anderson)
  5. Proceed to a 'T' intersection
  6. Turn right then quickly left (back on Anderson)
  7. Proceed to a 'T' intersection
  8. Turn right onto Mitch Owens Road.
  9. Turn left at 8th Line Rd. (First Side Rd.) for 5km.
  10. Turn right at our sign.

Route #2

  1. South on Hwy. 31 (Bank St.).
  2. 11km South of Hunt Club.
  3. Left on Mitch Owens Drive For 5.3km.
  4. Right on 8th Line Rd. for 5km.
  5. Turn right at our sign.