Course Update

February 22, 2019
Update from Superintendent Gord Baird

Since the first of December to the 15th February we've received 180 cm of snow and 50 mm of rain. Most of the rain came in December and the snow came in January & February. This has left ice under a heavy snow pack which is a concern for spring turf conditions. With all this snow it is difficult to know how much frost is in the ground because the deeper the snow and the longer the deep snow has been there the less frost there is in these areas. The turf was as healthy & strong going into the winter and this will hopefully help the turf survive this tough winter.        
We have not yet done any tree removal because of the snow load and uncertainty of frost depths.
I hope that spring comes soon as we see you all back at the club got a happy, long and safe golf season. Radar Rob says we are opening on April 24th. I would not bet against him!!!

See you at the club.